27 juni 2022

International News Internationellt nyhetsbrev för medlemmar

Sveriges Marknadsförbunds företagsmedlemmar erhåller ett internationellt nyhetsbrev.
Hör av dig om du saknar nyhetsbrevet, vill ha det skickat igen eller om någon av dina kollegor önskar få nyhetsbrev och övrig information från Sveriges Marknadsförbund.

Newsletter 2 skickades den 27 juni 2022.
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Innehållsrubriker International Newsletter 2

  • Empowering & substantiating: the future EU framework for green claims
  • Consumer law: the early steps of an in-depth evaluation
  • Digital Services Act: the way is paved for final adoption
  • Children protection: various angles for various initiatives
  • The boundaries of political advertising

Influencer Marketing attracts more and more attention

The IMCO Committee has released on 16 February a Study on Influencer Marketing. Chapter 2 carries out an analysis of several definitions of Influencer Marketing in the policy and academia literature. The Study looks at the role of influencers on the internal market, and comments on the regulation of influencers, from the perspectives of legislation, of self-regulation, of enforcing authorities and of voluntary schemes by the industry.

This study is just one of many signs from EU institutions that their attention is increasingly turning to issues linked to influencers marketing. Another sign is the formal evaluation of consumer law, which is expected to be launched by the Commission by the end of 2022, and which will most likely tackle the issue of influencers.

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