27 juni 2022

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Sveriges Marknadsförbunds företagsmedlemmar erhåller ett internationellt nyhetsbrev.
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Newsletter 3 skickades den 26 september 2022.
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Innehållsrubriker International Newsletter 3

  • State of the Union Address 2022
  • Audiovisual Media Services Directive: first step towards an EP report
  • Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act
  • European Parliament is busy with political advertising
  • Advertising in video-games, advertising in amendments
  • Sustainable Consumption Pledge

Advertising in video-games, advertising in amendments

In the preparation of its own-initiative report on consumer protection in online video games, the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee has released on 27 June its draft amendments. Among a great number of other topics, the draft report looks to tackle some ad-related issues, such as “lootboxes”, “in-games communication features”, or designs encouraging in-game purchasing can be targeted at minors. Whereas this non-binding report is by itself not primarily targeting the advertising sector, several draft amendments are looking specifically into advertising in video-games. For example, draft amendments from different political groups highlight that the UCP Directive and other existing law is relevant to tackle the issue of in-game promotions and misleading practices in video games, and call for strengthened enforcement. Another draft modification would suggest making compulsory to provide information on potential in-game purchasing options in the ads promoting video games. Finally, some other amendments aim to prohibit dark patterns in video games.

Compromise amendments will take shape in the IMCO Committee by 10 October. The final Committee vote is expected on 26 October 2022.