7 november 2023

LYKO söker Chief Marketing Officer

Hello there awesome, welcome to Lyko! We are the hair and beauty specialist who strives to have the best customer experience and the widest product range. We want to capture the feeling that beauty is playful, wonderful and something individual. Last year, we had a turnover on 2,1 billion, and our stretch goal for 2028 is at 10 billion. To reach that we need to keep on doing a lot of the great stuff that we are already doing, and also adapt, adjust and explore new ways, as what took us HERE will not get us THERE.

The CMO Scope (mission, source of joy, challenge…)
As Chief Marketing Officer you are responsible for the overall marketing strategy, reports into the CEO, and play an important role in our management team. You will ensure a tactical organization that best meets our overall business strategies and targets, and facilitates and enable success of the teams and individuals in the marketing organization.

The central marketing organization that you will lead, consists of Strategy & Brand, Own Brands, and Studio. Here you will find a real marketing power house, and its (roughly) 50 people holds a strong, sparkling palette of competences. The campaign calendar, product development and brand development (such as for By Lyko, Estelle & Thild, Waterclouds), content production… just to mention some of all the magical things happening here.

Our Head of Marketing- rockstars reports locally, within each respective market. You offer them strategic support and compass, ensuring alignment with the overall marketing strategies, as well as space and creative power for needed local adjustments – all with the aim to best meet the local customer.

For some parts of the work we do, we use external support, but in many areas we have become really good at engineering and producing marketing magic on our own. Here we see some expanded value opportunities… Stuff we do for ourselves could potentially also be done for others. Understanding how to create business value – in more ways than one, you will elevate our ability to identify and package great offers that could bring more value to our partners.

When working as a CMO at Lyko, you have the luxury to create the best conditions and opportunities for our own brand success, as well as for the brands of our suppliers. With the risk of bragging (common, it’s our own ad space, why not allow us room to indulge in some self-love!?) we are pretty damn good at this! We have great and productive relationships in place with our suppliers, creating opportunities for us to bring some really fresh and fab offers to our customers.

Okay, so we are a high growth company, with a market leading position and high brand awareness within the nodic beauty scene, on the other side we are rocket, making exciting moves, at high speed, in new markets. Having a solid brand, AND striving for local adaption – do we need to point out that this is a ride one should not expect to be smooth as the best primers or serums (hmm, which brand offers the best one you got any recommendations? Damn, I got a bit of topic there..), but rather a bit of a bumpy one for sure. And you know what, while on the topic of challenges, let´s be honest, the marketing organization that awaits you, is not a copy of how it looked like yesterday- oh for God’s sake, maybe it even won’t look like this tomorrow. Maybe you see red flags in this, or room for impact.. We are keeping our fingers crossed to the later one!

You’re the one
As a leader you bring experience and knowledge on how to best navigate and create engagement, in a fast moving, international context. While you in a comfortable and straight forward way approaches the overall strategic work, creates structure and guidelines, you need to offer a dynamic leadership, showing a big doze of humbleness and understanding of the crazy great competence we have within our teams, as well as of them all being on different stages of the development journey Lyko has begun.

You have earlier shown proof of being commercially savvy and carrying a great deal of business acumen. Bringing this to the role will allow you the understanding of how to design a tactical organization, create and elevate business value, develop our market and brand position, and fuel our development. You bring know-how on how to team up with Sales, and through your collaboration, identify and package a stronger business offering.

So, maybe this is not the most traditional job ad, hu? As we strive to bring disruption to the beauty industry, we think this requires an organization where each and all embraces experimental lust, bold ideas and bravery to try out even the rather unconventional move. Rather that it leaves us with a “oops, that did not turn out as we wished for” than with the “ah, what if only we had dared too..”. You bring with you a bunch or a few of mistakes (aka. Learnings), and you’re eager to keep on testing, experimenting and learning through creative and unexplored ways.

Experience and Competence keys

  • Probably you are a CMO in a similar organization, or a Marketing Director with responsibility for a certain area/region/business in a larger organization, or some other internal role where you have had the chance to build out a toolbox suited for a global CMO.
  • Industry know-how. You have worked within b2c, if this also was in a context of retail/ e-com, that would be an advantage.
  • Working in a matrix organization, supporting distributed teams and competences, centralized and local structures – you have already navigated this kind of scene, understand how to create structure (not too much, not too little) and momentum in it.
  • Day by day, step by step, Lyko gets to celebrate beauty with new and more customers internationally, and we don’t wanna change that. Rather the opposite! How can a global business keep on being and feeling grounded to its own core brand, yet offer room for local adaption? With your previous experience having handled this exact question, we are certain we will find the magic formula.
  • The brand landscape, yeah, that really is what you will meet here, with Lyko (our brand as a beauty retailer, the brands of our own beauty products, our brand as a partner for third party logistics etc.) and the brands of our suppliers- we believe you are familiar with these kinds of set-ups, working with brands in connection to others, and strong brands. Previous experience from beauty brands would be highly beneficial.
  • Fluency in Swedish as well as English, with solid communication skills.

The End
… or is this actually the beginning? For you, with us? Why not apply, and find out!

Apply! Apply quick and easy without a CV or cover letter! Instead, we ask you to answer some short questions. We know that who you are, what your skills and strengths are, is more important than your previous experience. Please apply as soon as possible, but no later than 14th of November 2023.
For questions about the hiring process, please contact Anna Stenbeck, Talent Acquisition Anna.stenbeck@lyko.com Mindful of data privacy, we kindly ask you not to send us any resumes over email.

We can’t wait to read your application!

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