29 april 2020

Onlinekurs – Marketing Automation Made Easy

Kursledare: Magnus Unemyr

Detta är en onlinekurs, kursen hålls på engelska.

Marketing Automation Made Easy

Get More Leads and Grow Your Business Automatically

Do you get too few leads and customers from your website?
Are your business growth crippled because you are intimidated by marketing technology?

There is a solution to these problems.
Learn how to turn your website into a lead generation machine and skyrocket your website results by enrolling in this marketing automation course!

This online course on marketing automation will teach you how
to put your sales and marketing on auto-pilot.

Get more leads from your website, and create sales funnels with automated touch-points that nurture leads towards purchase.
In this course, you will learn:

  • How Internet marketing works
  • The difference between a passive and an active website
  • What marketing automation systems are and what they can do
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Lead nurturing and email marketing
  • Designing sales funnels and automation workflows
  • Leveraging video marketing and webinar platforms
  • Systems integration – eCommerce and more
  • Social media robots and social media marketing
  • Adding sales automation to CRM
  • How data-driven automation can take marketing to the next level
  • And much more!

If you implement the concepts taught in this course using a marketing automation system, you can turn your passive website into a piece of active marketing machinery that generates more leads and nurtures them towards purchase automatically. In effect, your sales and marketing processes will be put on auto-pilot.
The course is product neutral and applicable to most marketing automation system, including HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Act-On, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.

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Kursledare: Magnus Unemyr – läs mer om Magnus nedan.
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Kursledare: Magnus Unemyr
Magnus lives in Sweden and is a sought-after speaker for seminars and conferences in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, throughout Europe and the USA. He is the marketing automation trainer at the Swedish federation of marketers and he is also the founder and editor of the blog www.unemyr.com/blog, a leading resource for marketing automation.

Magnus is a renowned author, global speaker and thought-leader in the field of marketing automation, with a particular focus on marketing with artificial intelligence.
He has spent the past 20+ years in the global software industry, co-founded an international software company and built a distributor network covering 50 countries.

Additionally, Magnus has published many popular books on Internet marketing, Marketing Automation, Entrepreneurship, and Artificial intelligence, including Mastering Online Marketing and Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence.