4 maj 2020

Artiklar från International News

Hör av dig om du saknar nyhetsbrevet, vill ha det skickat igen eller om någon av dina kollegor önskar få nyhetsbrev och övrig information från Sveriges Marknadsförbund. Varmt välkommen att mejla till info@svemarknad.se

Här kan du läsa fyra artiklar nyhetsbrevet

Ett axplock av rubrikerna från nyhetsbreven:

  • Advertising for modern, responsible consumption
  • Discussions on Digital Services Act
  • Disinformation
  • Marketing to HFSS
  • Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – Croatia starts its Presidency to the EU
  • Artificial Intelligence – Leaked version of White Paper on Artificial Intelligence published
  • Gender Strategy – European Commission to publish Gender Equality Strategy in March
  • Omnibus and Collective Redress Directives – Member States reach General Approach on Collective Redress Directive
  • European Commission – The New European Commission starts 2019-2024 mandate
  • Disinformation – First annual self-assessments on Code of Practice on Disinformation published
  • Consumer rights – Member States reach an agreement on Collective Redress Directive, Omnibus Directive passes last hurdle
  • Artificial Intelligence – European Commission to look into Artificial Intelligence challenges at the beginning of 2020
  • ePrivacy Regulation – Member States fail to reach a General Approach
  • New European Parliament starts 2019-2024 mandate
  • The new incoming European Commission
  • The transposition of Audiovisual Media Services Directive accelerates, while the Commission continues their work on AVMSD guidelines
  • ePrivacy Regulation – Member States struggle to find compromise
  • The new Digital Services act might address issues of disinformation and digital adverting
  • New consumer rules adopted – Progress made on Collective Redress Directive
  • EU elections are around the corner
  • Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • New Deal for Consumers: Omnibus directive concluded, Council general approach on Collective Redress still pending
  • Fake News – Disinformation Online: online platforms to shape-up or face regulation
  • Developments on AI to be closely monitored
  • E-Privacy: deadlock continues
  • Gambling: end of gambling monopoly in Sweden
  • Copyright directive finalized
  • Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • New Deal for Consumers
  • Fake News – Disinformation Online
  • GDPR
  • E-Privacy
  • Alcohol Advertising
  • HFSS products
  • Gender Stereotyping
  • ICC Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice revised
  • Memorandum of Understanding on online
  • advertising and IPR
  • Launch of the WikiRegs platform