15 mars 2020

Leaked version of White Paper on Artificial Intelligence published

Detta är ett smakprov från Sveriges Marknadsförbunds Internationella Nyhetsbrev

Artificial Intelligence – Leaked version of White Paper on Artificial Intelligence published

The EU focused news outlet Euractiv published a leaked version of European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the document the European Commission is considering five possible regulatory options for AI: “Voluntary labelling, sectorial requirements for public administration and facial recognition, mandatory risk-based requirements for high-risk applications, safety and liability and governance”.  Although the paper recognizes positive impact of AI it also underlines possible challenges and concerns linked to liability, discrimination and transparency.

These issues could be addressed in a regulatory framework. You can find more information here. The white paper is expected to be officially adopted by the European Commission on 19 February 2020. According to 2020 work program mentioned above, the European Commission will later in 2020 also propose a legislative act on AI that will address issues such as safety, liability, fundamental rights and data.
©European Commission 2020 (available here)

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